Hi, im Paulo and im the Director of Traquinas Childcare. 
Its a pleasure to work with such an amazing group of people, children and Parents. Apart from the obvious that I love watching children grow, develop and become the best they can be, I  my role as the “crazy clown” that goes in the rooms once in a while to play silly  and watch the children laughing like crazy at me... im also the IT guy, handyman, Finance guy, Famly expert, counsellor, Tea Boy, lunch fetcher, business developer, and many many many other things.... by far the most important member of the Traquinas Family, only second to Carla, Becky, Claire, Kelly, Lils, Jane, Tay, Becca, Ivan, Jen, Katie, Claire, Robyn, Jade, Tracy, Georgia T, Becca F, hannah, Georgia S, Kerry, Valerija, Georgina, Amy, Theresa, Rachel, Lili and Melissa.
In my spare time i like to stay at home with my other family and have Pj and cuddle days.

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